Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Look

Not to copy Misty word for word... but I did. I got inspired after seeing her new site to make a new one myself with pictures from the beach.

Needless to say, we went to the beach this past weekend and it was great. The weather was perfect, the beach was perfect, the water looked perfect... I don't go in the ocean, first of all, because I'm sure it was freezing, and second of all, because of jellyfish. Ew.

These jellyfish, however, I didn't mind so much. They were in a tank.

We went to the aquarium at Fort Fisher. At first, I was actually pretty bummed about going because I wanted to stay on the beach all day and get some sun, but it ended up being fun.

Here's some more pics:

A nurse shark. Haha.

The starfish was trying to stick to my hand. Ick!

Haha. We are stupid.

We got up early Saturday morning (like, really early. Like, I could have gone to work and been on time, early) to watch the sunrise. It was gorgeous. If you have never done it, I encourage you to. Of course, I took like, a thousand pictures, a few of my faves are on the top of the blog now. But here's a few more. (I need to learn how to shoot in manual... It would make me more proud of these.)

(Obviously, Brandon took this one. I'm good but I'm not that good.)

Pizza was definitely on the agenda for Saturday, even though we took a whole car full of groceries along with all our luggage, and then went to the grocery store, too. Oh well. It was yum!

And, best part of the weekend... margaritas on the beach.

The book series that I have been overly obsessed with kept me company on the beach when my husband wanted to be a bum and stay in the room. However, I am on the last one, and what will I do when I finish in about 400 pages?? I can only wait til November 20th, when New Moon (the movie) comes out. It (hopefully) will be great! Although, I don't see how the same guy who played Jacob in Twilight can play him in New Moon... He might have buffed up and put on like, 30 something pounds of muscle for this role in New Moon, but he can't be 6'5".

Dancing at the street festival. Brandon knows what's good for him in that he grabbed the camera and told my dad, "I better go get some pictures before she kills me." Haha.

So, now, since the beach is over, my "things I am looking forward to" list has gotten smaller. Now I only have 2 things on it:
1) The Keith Urban Concert
2) The B&B trip with my mom, Jill, and her mom to Asheville for Mother's Day. Aww... I'm such a good daughter.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. I know I will. What, with working all weekend! Yay...

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