Monday, June 08, 2009

Scrapblog Madness

Let me start off by saying that since I blog so infrequently these days... I don't know if anyone still reads this or not, so leave me a lil comment if ya stop by!!

So, thanks to Mandy and Misty, I spent all day yesterday on working on these: (make sure you go through the slide show and look at all three!)

As Mandy said on Gal Blog, sometimes you just don't wanna get everything out and actually scrap, but you are still in the mood. I have worked on a couple of times, but only for the banners on my blog. This is my first official digital scrapbook attempt. (I kind of feel like I am cheating on paper scrapbooking a little, but it is what it is.)

In other news, my sister-in-law Amber, our friend Maggie, and I went to Virginia Beach last Friday to see New Kids on the Block and the Jabbawockeez. And let me just say, it was one of the greatest nights of my life!!! The concert in general was amazing! The Jabbawockeez were awesome. If you aren't familiar with them, let me show you what I mean:

So, after that, Jesse McCartney was the second opening act... yea yea whatever, let's get to what everyone came to see... then, it was time! New Kids were great. Haters can hate, lol, but I have loved them since I was 7 years old, and I will always love them. :) During the show, the guy behind us said something about the after party and told us where it was... and I almost jumped out of my skin, while at the same time thinking to myself, "Don't get too excited, he's probably full of shit." But before that story... Lemme show you some pictures from the concert.

Um, first of all, it was a monsoon that night and we were SOAKED!!!

(Let me just point out the top of my jeans that were dry and have you notice the rest of my jeans...)


Another group shot from later that night when we were not so soaked.

Then, to top off an incredible night and concert, we decided to try and find this random place in Virginia Beach that we didn't know the name of, but knew that maybe, just maybe, this guy knew what he was talking about and NKOTB and the Jabbawockeez would be there, so what the heck, might as well try, right? So we drove around Virginia Beach for about... 45 minutes before we were all so close to just going back to the hotel, and then! We saw the nightclub!!!!!! We get out, stand in line, and overhear someone say that the cover charge is $50!! Um, I like these guys and all, but hell no, I'm not paying 50 bucks to get into this club! So, we realize then that all the security guys' shirts say "The Block"... and that they must not be at the club yet... so why not wait around outside to see if they show up?? About 5 minutes later, someone says, "Oh, there's the dancers and the Jabbawockeez!" And right behind me on the sidewalk (cuz we have now stepped out of the line knowing good and well that we are not paying $50) and they were all behind me! THEN! I hear someone else say, "There he is!" and realize another van has pulled up, so I say, "Who?" And she says, "Donnie!" So I pretty much decided to try and talk to him before he walks in. He is literally walking up the sidewalk coming up beside me, and at this point, a huge crowd has not formed yet, and I put my arm out and say "Hey Donnie" as he walks by... THEN! He says, "Hey. Come on." AND GRABS MY HAND AND PULLS ME WITH HIM INTO THE CLUB!!! I end up yelling for Maggie and Amber and they push their way through the crowd that is now surrounding us like there is no tomorrow! We seriously walked into the club in this order: Donnie, guy with a microphone introducing Donnie, me, Amber, and Maggie. It was so amazing!!! Here are some pics to prove it, cuz for real, if I read this on someone else's page, I don't think I would have believed it... but it happened, I promise!!!

(The girl in front, with the red hair and you can only see the back of her head... that's me!)

And here we are with Kevin from the Jabbawockeez! He was so nice!!!

So, hope you enjoy the pictures! Have a good week, everyone! I know I will, even if I am working like, every freakin day, I will have a good week from remembering my wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Look

Not to copy Misty word for word... but I did. I got inspired after seeing her new site to make a new one myself with pictures from the beach.

Needless to say, we went to the beach this past weekend and it was great. The weather was perfect, the beach was perfect, the water looked perfect... I don't go in the ocean, first of all, because I'm sure it was freezing, and second of all, because of jellyfish. Ew.

These jellyfish, however, I didn't mind so much. They were in a tank.

We went to the aquarium at Fort Fisher. At first, I was actually pretty bummed about going because I wanted to stay on the beach all day and get some sun, but it ended up being fun.

Here's some more pics:

A nurse shark. Haha.

The starfish was trying to stick to my hand. Ick!

Haha. We are stupid.

We got up early Saturday morning (like, really early. Like, I could have gone to work and been on time, early) to watch the sunrise. It was gorgeous. If you have never done it, I encourage you to. Of course, I took like, a thousand pictures, a few of my faves are on the top of the blog now. But here's a few more. (I need to learn how to shoot in manual... It would make me more proud of these.)

(Obviously, Brandon took this one. I'm good but I'm not that good.)

Pizza was definitely on the agenda for Saturday, even though we took a whole car full of groceries along with all our luggage, and then went to the grocery store, too. Oh well. It was yum!

And, best part of the weekend... margaritas on the beach.

The book series that I have been overly obsessed with kept me company on the beach when my husband wanted to be a bum and stay in the room. However, I am on the last one, and what will I do when I finish in about 400 pages?? I can only wait til November 20th, when New Moon (the movie) comes out. It (hopefully) will be great! Although, I don't see how the same guy who played Jacob in Twilight can play him in New Moon... He might have buffed up and put on like, 30 something pounds of muscle for this role in New Moon, but he can't be 6'5".

Dancing at the street festival. Brandon knows what's good for him in that he grabbed the camera and told my dad, "I better go get some pictures before she kills me." Haha.

So, now, since the beach is over, my "things I am looking forward to" list has gotten smaller. Now I only have 2 things on it:
1) The Keith Urban Concert
2) The B&B trip with my mom, Jill, and her mom to Asheville for Mother's Day. Aww... I'm such a good daughter.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. I know I will. What, with working all weekend! Yay...

Friday, March 27, 2009

How long has it been?

Raise your hand if you have missed me! :)

Well, wait no longer... lol

So, in the last two months, I think it would be easier for me to tell everyone what has NOT happened than to go through everything that HAS happened.

In a nutshell, job is fine, life is fine, except no time to scrap. I miss all my girls! :'( I did one LO a couple weeks ago and it was like "ahhhhh" (insert hallelujah chorus here...) I unfortunetely have not taken a picture of it, but I will. It's pretty fantastic even if I do say so myself. I mean, it should be right?? It's the only thing I've done in forever. Surely I had enought mojo to make one decent LO.

In other news, I have unfortunetely not gotten into American Idol as much as I intended to. I had all intentions of watching every second, but quickly realized that I didn't want to dedicate that much time to it. Me and commitment have issues. Haha. However, I will undoubtedly express my commitment for my newest infatuation...

One word.


O.M.G. I am freaking ob-sessed!! Brandon and I went on a weekend getaway to my grandmother's old house in the mountains of NC and, poor Brandon, bless his heart, all I did all weekend was read... Then! The movie came out! And, on one hand, I kinda hate to admit this, but on the other hand, I am very proud of it... I had a Twilight party. Yep. That's right. Be jealous those of you that read this if you were too far away to attend. You missed a fantastic night. I had not seen the movie in the theater because I thought it was stupid... and if you are reading this and have not had the pleasure of introducing Edward Cullen into your life, do it. Not to sound like Nike, but just do it.

Next on the list: New Moon


Some of my favorite girls and I went to the beach a couple weekends ago and we had a blast! Even though it was rainy and like, 55 degrees on the warmest day, it was so much fun getting to know everyone more, and shopping, of course! I bought a new Coach bag... *sigh* I know I shouldn't have. What, with trying to pay off bills and all that... but if you could see it, you would understand. (So, on my list so far is pictures of: the girls' weekend, the newest LO, and my bag. OH! and of the horses that Brandon and I rode in the mountains when I was like, "I wanna do something outdoorsy!"... bad idea for me. Note to self: you are not an "outdoorsy" girl, just accept that and move on.)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Hopefully (Jen if you are reading this...) I will get to see Jen before she heads back up to MD and that will make for a good weekend even if I do have to work tomorrow :(

Sunday, February 08, 2009

And the winner is...

I love music.

I am at home having a blast watching the Grammys tonight.

Jennifer Hudson's performance was amazing, emotional, and very moving. With everything that she has gone through recently, I don't know how she can be on stage singing at the Grammys. She did so great.

I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers (cuz, c'mon now, I'm 24, not 14...), but the Jonas Brothers with Stevie Wonder?! Are you kidding me? I bet they don't even know how privileged they are to be able to say they performed with Stevie Wonder.

And Al Green with my two boyfriends, Keith Urban and Justin Timberlake, singing "Let's Stay Together." Great performance!! Loved it!!!

Also not a huge fan of rap... I'll listen to the occasional "top 40" hit on 107.5 (for those of you that don't live around here, it's very much a hit music radio station that will kill a good song by running it in the ground and plays waaaaay too many commercials). I said all that to say, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye, and (insert 4th artist here, as I have forgotten already). That's why I love the Grammys. Great performers and great performances. Great entertainers. The only thing missing from tonight's show is Beyonce's "Single Ladies" (performed with Justin Timberlake, that is--- may I direct you here ---> Freaking hilarious)

On a gloomier note, the Pro Bowl was on today, and I had no motivation to watch the last football game of the season. Why, you ask? I have no idea. I guess because it didn't really mean anything. And even though my boy (Steve Smith, duh) was playing, I still couldn't bring myself to leave it on the channel... I kept changing it. I guess since the Super Bowl is over, and that's kind of the last hoo-rah, I already felt like it was over. Well, it is officially over now until August (which, by the way, is also my birthday, so I have a lot to look forward to in that month!) :)

So dear summertime,
Please, hurry. Stop teasing me with pretty weather days like today. I know it won't stay, and it makes wish you were here now. Fortunetely, though, I didn't have to work today (due to overstaffing, which, with that AND the weather, my day was totally thrown off-- since when are we overstaffed??), and I did get to enjoy your tease of a warm day today. So thank you for that. But, I would like some steady warm weather. I would like to pull out my cute lil tees and tanks. I would like to get a tan. So, please hurry, summertime.


Ok, what else? OH YEA!!! I have been stalking the Keith Urban website for tour information for probably about a month, because I know it's gotta be coming... he does a tour every year. And I always go. It's FREAKING amazing, whether or not you like country music, it's an AMAZING concert! I highly recommend going. Just don't get better tickets than me or I'll be bitter. So when I don't see any info released yet, I just keep checking. Today, it paid off!!! His tour is kicking off this summer (yet another reason for summertime to hurry and get here...), and BONUS! He has a new album dropping soon, as well! And bonus #2, I saw him on the Grammys tonight (granted, Nicole Kidman was there, too... eww, I hate her... haha).

Last great thing about the Grammys:
Adele won Best New Artist. And I heart her. She's spectacular. I'm obsessed with her album, and I'm happy she won. She also performed her song "Chasing Pavements" after one of my favorite groups Sugarland performed "Stay". What an amazing night in music.

Least favorite thing about the Grammys:
The segment that they show all the people that have died in the last year. Yea yea yea, I realize it's like a tribute to them, and not to make me depressed, but for real, it's depressing. I get enough of that on my job. Like the patient that we worked our asses off for for months and months, and he transferred out and was doing so well, and I just found out that he died. He has a kid. I'm still tore up over that. I can't seem to shake it. I still can't believe it.

I just love music, have I mentioned that? It's like, my life. That's it. I'm auditioning for American Idol next year. I've decided. If anyone would like to donate any money for say, gas, or anything, it would be appreciated, being the closest auditions this year were in Louisville, KY, which is like, 7 hours away...

In conclusion, this blog post seems very scattered, and I usually go back and read through my posts before I actually publish it, but I'm not going to. Blame it on the Jager.

Thursday, February 05, 2009



Thursday, January 22, 2009


So it's been a while since the last post...

Not much new. Just trying to keep my head above water with school and trying to get in some overtime at work, but I don't foresee that happening much this semester.

I am taking a winter class which ends in a week, but my new classes have started now, so they are all overlapping. I have to do clinicals this semester which is going to occupy A-LOT of my time, along with another online class and a project for work and grad school apps.

Sooooo, that's that.

I have also decided that I am a walking contradiction. My life is an oxymoron.

I thrive on organization, but I am all or nothing. If I get behind at all, I can't half-ass it. I will just let it go.

I need to organize my life.

I think it will do me a world of good.

So that's the goal of the weekend.

More to come (no scrapping stuff though, because I don't have time...)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome, 2009

Where did 2008 go? I believe that it's true that the older you get, the faster time goes by.

The holidays this year have been great! I had one of the best Christmases that I can remember. Finally, these fantabulous boots are mine!

God bless my hubby. Those boots are all I asked for, and if I didn't get them, I was going to kill him... haha. But he did good. AND, I also got this!

It's my favorite Christmas present ever. Brandon didn't even realize everything that it did when he bought it, but it has wi-fi access, photos, videos, and of course, music. Then, there's all these applications that you can load, for example, games. I found, however, being the big nerd that I am... all these medical applications, with calculations and drug searches and dictionaries. OMG, my iPod touch has been glued to my hip since Christmas!!! It's the greatest thing ever.

Anyway, what else is new? Oh yea, here's my latest LO's (which are really from a month ago, but I haven't posted yet cuz I'm a slacker).

Last night, we went to my friend Niki's house for a last minute party and had a blast. I wore my awesome new boots and then I twisted my ankle a little bit walkin up the stairs after a taaaaaad too much to drink... it didn't hurt at the time, but this morning... yea, ow. So good times with Nik as always! Although her falling down the entire flight of stairs at our other friends house for the Halloween party is still the best fall ever. You know why? Because she didn't spill her drink! Haha!

On a last note, here, today is my me and my husband's 4 year anniversary. I cannot believe it's been 4 years already!! He is so good to me and I don't deserve it. We are having a date night tonight and I will make sure to bring my camera to dinner. I have been bad lately about taking pictures of events. I think because I'm so behind on scrapping that I don't want to have more to do, but I will definitely take some tonight to post later!

In terms of New Year's Resolutions, I have made them in the past, and by February have completely neglected it, so this year I'm not making any. Although, after being in our house 2 1/2 years, the downstairs half bath (the smallest room in the house) is the only room we haven't re-done yet. So that's our only resolution. Hopefully, in the next year, we can get that accomplished!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Hope everyone that reads this has a GREAT year!!!

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